Our mission is to maintain our global leadership position through

  • By positioning itself as a key actor in all  sectors involved with the aim of promoting competitiveness, maximising value creation for clients and continuing to attract talent to the organisation.
  • By Constant improvements to the standards of quality, safety and reliability of its services.
  • By expanding the group’s current client base through a continuous commercial effort in new markets.

To optimise the profitability of resources

  • By increasing productivity and financial efficiency
  • By applying rigorous investment criteria which fit the strategy of expansion and company growth
  • By maintaining a solid financial structure enabling easy access to and low cost of resources.

To promote sustainable development

  • By contributing to society through economic growth and the creation of wealth through the group’s activity.
  • By taking into account elements of economic, social and environmental sustainability in its process of innovation and by adhering to the criteria and recommendations set by the main influential national and international institutions when carrying out its activities.
  • ByActing as an economic engine of job creation