Quality and Environmental Management

Committed Quality Management

DRAGADOS is ISO 9001 certified, and its Quality Management System is designed as a fundamental element to the success of the projects ensuring that the client receives a high quality product that meets or exceeds the required standards.

We are committed to:

  • Monitoring and controlling construction procedures and materials to ensure proper quality and compliance with statutory as well as regulatory requirements
  • Achieving our quality management goals through a proactive process of open communication, trust, as well as a supporting atmosphere
  • Developing and implementing a Quality Management System that effectively and economically enhances technical experience, reduces potential risk of errors and omissions, and directs proper attention to liability concerns, emphasizing “Proactive Prevention vs Reactive Inspection” at its core
  • Striving to continuously improve our Quality Management System while ensuring that the Quality Policy and Project Quality Objectives are met or exceeded on all our projects

 Commitment to Environmental Management

Dragados’s extensive Quality Management program, which follows the requirements of ISO 14001 ‘Environmental Management Systems, guarantees respect for the environment as well as compliance with environmental legislation.

We are committed to:

  • Planning the processes and carrying out the works taking effective measures to cause the minimum environmental impact
  • Achieving our environmental goals through a proactive process of open communication, trust and a partnering atmosphere
  • Developing and implementing an Environmental Management System focused on reducing pollution and the generation of waste, emphasizing "Proactive Prevention vs. Reactive Inspection" at its core, in order to avoid risks
  • Striving for the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System and ensuring that the Environmental Policy is applied in all our projects