Other important projects

Fredericton Moncton Highway

New Brunswick, Canada

This P3 project included the construction of 195 km of four-lane divided mainline highway and 12 km of four-lane divided highway connectors. The main line highway was designated as Route 2 (TCH) from approximately 30 km west of Fredericton to Moncton. A total of 20 interchanges and 89 structures (bridges, overpasses, underpasses, water crossings) were constructed as part of the project, including two high-level bridges over the Saint John and Jemseg River,  each one kilometre in length.

Length: 195.0 km
No. of Lanes: 4
No. of Interchanges: 21
No. of Bridges: 73
Saint John River Bridge Length: 1,062 m
Jemseg River Bridge Length: 976 m