Other important projects

R-2, R-3 y R-5 Highways

Madrid, Spain

The new toll highway - R3 in Madrid- links the existing M-40 to the Arganda de Rey highways. Over 33km long, it will also connect with A-3 before beginning the descent of Perales de Tajuna. The highway as a total of five crictical links, all between the A-30 and M-220. In addition, there are three large bridge viaducts, and two smaller minor viaducts, crossing local waterways and transit links. These range from 340 meters over the Vicalvaro Station to 1,410 meters spanning the Jarama River plain. As part of the local mitigation to address quality of life concerns, there are over thirty screened over and under passes, as well a "false" tunnel and two wildlife corssings. In all, this project demonstrates Dragados' commitment to sustainable development even in a complex urban environment

R2 y M-50 (betwen R1 y R2): 80,4 km long. R-2, M-50 and A-1. 82 overpass and 23 underpass.
R3: 33,9 km of toll highway. 2 roads of 2 and 3 lanes. 6 links. 3 big viaducts: Vicálvaro (340 m), Jarama River (1.410 m) and Arroyo Pantueña (608 m) and 2 smaller. 26 overpass, 25 underpass, cut and cover tunnel.4 toll areas and 1 service area.
R5: 30,9 km toll highway. 2 roads of 2 and 3 lanes . 8 links y 3 viaducts of 400, 280 and 350 m. 27 overpass, 13 underpass. 3 toll areas and 2 service areas.