Other important projects

S8 Łodź/Łask

Łodź, Poland

This project includes the construction of Section III of the S8 Syców-Kępno-Sieradz-A1 (Łodź), four-lane divided highway. The highway has two lanes in each direction separated by a wide median which will be used to add a third lane when traffic demand increases. The project also includes user rest areas, rehabilitation of adjacent local roads, overpasses, underpasses, and drainage structures

Section 3: 13 km highway with 2 lanes. 2 service areas, 7 overpass, 1 underpass, 2 animal overpass, y 30 service paths.
Section 5: 33,7 Km highway with 2 lanes. 3 links, 2 service areas and 1 maintenance point. 3 viaducts( Warta River, 950 m long; Grabia River, 840 m long; Konska River, 225 m long), 15 underpass, 10 overpass, 1 pass over the channel and 2 walkways
Section 6y7: 12,5 km. 2 links, 1 viaduct Grabia River, 320 m long, 4 underpass, and 6 overpass.