Other important projects


Florida, USA

This huge complex project is the first Public-Private Partnership in the State of Florida and the largest project in the history of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Under construction in Broward County this 10.5-mile design/build project, financed with variable toll rates, includes the reconstruction and widening of I-595 and SR-84, construction of three reversible express (Toll/Managed) lanes on the I-595 median, reconstruction and widening of 2.8 miles of Florida’s Turnpike, 53 new bridges (969,000 SF of new deck), bridge and interchange reconstruction, seven braided ramps to avoid traffic weaving, twenty-nine entrance and exit ramps, 16,000 linear feet of bulkhead for the widening of SR-84 along the NNR Canal, and thirteen sound barrier walls. To date, 7 of the 8 interim milestones have been accomplished ahead of schedule.

17 km widening and improving
1 platform of 3 lanes, reversible if needed
Managing over 180.000 vehicles with minimum disruption