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The Centenario Bridge

Seville, Spain

The Centenario Bridge, which features two 102 m tall towers and a 265 m main span with a 45 m maximum clearance height over the Guadalquivir River, was the third longest cable-stayed bridge in Spain when it opened in 1991. Uncharacteristic of cable-stayed bridges at the time, the towers were composite structures, and precast concrete was a major component of the overall bridge structure. The bridge deck is comprised of two longitudinal post-tensioned concrete box girders and a grid of longitudinal and transversal precast concrete floor beams and concrete deck panels that support the reinforced concrete deck. The bridge deck is supported by two sets of cable stays in a semi-fan arrangement, one on each side of the bridge, anchored to the longitudinal box girders.

World map showing the projects executed
Longitud de viaductos: 940 - 565 (principal) - 512 m
Gálibo vertical: 45 m
Luces (viaducto principal): 48 - 102 - 265 - 102 - 48 m
Altura de pilonos: 110 m
Anchura: 22 m