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Dragados is a worldwide leader in bridge construction. Our projects are recognized by their sheer size, technical intricacy, use of the latest technologies, and innovative ideas for meeting and overcoming technical challenges.

World map showing the countries where building projects have been carried out (North America, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain among others).

We have constructed more than 1,500 bridges of all types and sizes, including:

  1. Cable-stayed water crossings
  2. Aqueducts
  3. Highway bridges
  4. Major interchanges
  5. High speed rail bridges

Our in-house Technical Services Division, the repository of our 70-year corporate experience, provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise for the development of new and innovative ideas for our projects. Our technical support engineers have worked with world renowned architects and engineers in the design and construction of some of the most complex signature bridges constructed by Dragados. Some of our bridges are the best known signature bridges in the world.

Examine the projects executed

Most important projects by specialty

View of the center of the bridge over the San Lorenzo river

The New Champlain Bridge Corridor - Greater Montreal Area, Quebec

Montreal’s Champlain Bridge is one of North America’s busiest spans, with 50 million cars, buses and trucks crossing it each year. Dragados along with its Joint-Venture partners was chosen to carry out the design, construction, operati.
View of the center of the bridge

Queensferry Crossing Bridge - Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s biggest transport infrastructure project for a generation and includes the new Queensferry Crossing and upgrades to the connecting road network on both sides of the Firth of Forth.
Front view of the bridge

Waterford Bridge - Waterford, Ireland

Waterford bridge, a landmark structure for Waterford City and the surrounding area, features the longest span in Ireland. This cable-stayed bridge has a single main concrete pylon 115m high on the southern bank of the river. A series of stay cables
Aerial view of the bridge over the Ebro river

Third Millennium Bridge - Zaragoza, Spain

The Third Millenium Bridge is the largest concrete tied-arch bridge in the world, and has an arch span of 216 meters. The deck is 279m long, 43m wide and has six lanes for road traffic, two bike lanes, and two glass-enclosed walkways. The cross