Dragados is one of the largest private-public partnership (P3) contractors in the world, having performed the design-build portion of more than sixty-five Concession Projects worldwide.

A summary of our international construction experience:

  1. Over 1,388 km of tunnels through all varieties of geological conditions
  2. More than 10,500 Km of roads and highways
  3. Over 1,500 bridges with a total length in excess of 1,500 Km
  4. Over 1,700 Km of rail, high speed rail, and mass transit
  5. Over 3.3 million sq. m of runways
  1. Over 1 million sq. m of airport terminals and utilities
  2. Over 200 Km of breakwaters and wharves
  3. More than 250 dams and water projects
  4. Over 21 million sq. m of residential and non-residential buildings